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May. 22nd, 2018

[info]decopunk in [info]fandom_psls

looking to pick up another psl set in the world of blade runner. i'm down with writing something set in the new movie, the old one, between, or the future. ocs or writing K against anyone at all. open to any kind of pairing as long as we click.

[info]iseethelight in [info]capseroo

British Stars, 387 caps

I'm not even sure what to file this under so.



These are very large images I apologize (1920x1080) but they're also very pretty so. [info]blazingstars asked for it. Just to give you a general ballpark, here are some tiny versions I made to give you a sense of who is in it.

Some of them, but there's even more people in it! )

[info]iseethelight in [info]capseroo

Zac Efron, 1, 279 caps


1, 279 CAPS, PART 1 (636) AND PART 2 (643)

He has really lovely eyes. There is some nudity in these, nothing that's 100% but there's rarely a movie these days where he's not mostly bare in at least one scene, lol.



A new year of experiments begins June 1st

What makes a hero? How adaptable is man? Without that, what remains? Where did we go wrong? What don’t we know?

HYPOTHESIS: The root of humanity’s current crisis is an ill-fitting and over-reaching government which does not meet the needs of its people. We posit that by examining exceptional examples of humanity from a variety of worlds that we can identify the nature of mankind through its aspirations and responses to environmental stressors.

Through these observations, the Wittgenstein Institute will determine the best methods of governing which will then be recommended to the International Armed Services Alliance for the Colonization of Novel Planets.

SPECIFIC AIMS: In order to examine the fundamental nature of man, heroism, and survival, we at the Wittgenstein Institute will subject heroic individuals (“specimens”) to a variety of alternate world simulations, problem-solving tests, and psychological examinations. Individual Wittgenstein researchers shall divide care of specimens into separate communal housing which reinforces central goals of their respective philosophies.

New Experiments begin 1 June 2018

[info]datasetmods is a panfandom, immersive world RPG where extraterrestrial researchers have abducted fictional characters to partake in a series of experiments in a rotating world environment with the intent of studying human nature and stress response based loosely on theories of major philosophers. Play is predominantly social, though overarching plot and intermittent focused plot is also planned.

May. 21st, 2018

[info]thisgirlslife in [info]fandom_psls

Anyone to play Daryl Dixon against my Beth? I was thinking maybe something AU with no zombies. I have a couple ideas for anyone interested.


Last week, I had an epiphany.

Said epiphany )

[info]supremeleader in [info]fandom_psls

Iiiii'm back and looking for an active Reylo line against my Kylo! Ideally something long-term, post-movie or canon divergent with someone who loves their dynamic as much as I do. I love to chatter and share fanart and other stupid tumblr stuff, and I write a lot, which means I'm a slooow tagger. I'd also really like to share samples to see if our styles would mesh.

If the above doesn't scare you, then come on down! I'm also not against brainstorming against other characters. If you're interested, you can comment me here (it's screened) or at my journal.

Alternatively, hit me up on my ic communications post and let's just do something silly.


layout change

So during [info]tessisamess's last layout sale, [info]hansolo and I got a matching layout set, which we've both finally gotten off of our asses and installed. Yay!

[info]umbramods in [info]wanna_rp

What path will you take?

[info]umbramods/Umbra Praeteritum - A Marauder’s Era Game
the history
the rules
the holds
the dropbox
the wanted

[info]umbramods in [info]pottergames

What path will you take?

[info]umbramods/Umbra Praeteritum - A Marauder’s Era Game
the history
the rules
the holds
the dropbox
the wanted

[info]umbramods in [info]darkerrpgads

What path will you take?

[info]umbramods/Umbra Praeteritum - A Marauder’s Era Game
the history
the rules
the holds
the dropbox
the wanted

[info]chucktown in [info]wanna_rp

[info]chucktown is a new community based out of Charleston, SC. Game will be opening on 6/1 (or if we hit 10 applications before then). Feel free to check out the wanted page to see all the wanted lines. We hope to see you there!

[info]whatdreamsmod in [info]wanna_rp

Yuma Valley, a sprawling city nestled near the Rocky Mountains. Everything you could want is here - from big businesses to small mom and pop shops, from farms to city life. It's everything just about anyone could want. Except it comes with it's own price tag. And we don't mean money. No one here will tell you, locals (your npcs) have no idea. But you? You were drawn here for a reason.

You? Are special. You are not who you think you are. You might not have a clue why you're here, but you are. Welcome, settle in, get comfy then start having things show up and visions coming with. You'll find yourself dreaming of all kinds of things - but are they true? are they real?

That? Is up to you.

What Dreams May Come is a game where characters don't know who their Canon selves really are. They think they're a regular joe or jane, enjoying a boring, mundane or exciting regular life. Until Yuma Valley gets it's talons in them. Then it's up to you - will they become their Canon selves or rebel against it?

Come, let's torment your muses.
Opening May 24th or with 10 Apps


May. 20th, 2018

[info]orom in [info]fandom_psls

Been trying to ignore the urge to write this lady but alas I've failed spectacularly. Any interest in Ororoe Munroe out there? IC contact post in the journal if you're interested in seeing how we click, open to pretty much everything and anyone.

[info]widogast in [info]fandom_psls

would looooove to find some of the mighty nein to play against from campaign 2 of critical role. bring me a nott for all of the goblin mom feels. i'd especially love a fjord or a molly. all of the things.


Is anyone else suddenly getting a bunch of junk emails? I keep getting emails from sites I'd never heard of, like I know I never signed up for BookBub or for this horoscope I got yesterday (also, my birthday is not March 19, 1968 so it's not accurate anyway).

I feel like it happened about the same time as I started getting extra junk calls (6-7 a day while I'm at work, variety of unknown numbers with different area codes) but I heard that robocalling is being redefined so that one isn't a huge surprise. But the spam is baffling me. I've already gotten four this morning.

[info]stsnape in [info]fandom_psls

Line for Severus Snape?

[info]godloki in [info]fandom_psls

Something for Loki, MCU, happy to jump from any kind of timeline. Create our own adventures. Earth adventures, space adventures, a tricker to drive you a little mad in all the good and not so good ways. Would like to explore something with Thor, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Captain America or Winter Soldier. But open to others as well.

[info]celtic_cherokee in [info]citadel_icons

Rosario Dawson - 42 Icons - Instagram / Various


[info]carlucascage in [info]fandom_psls

Jessica Jones, Claire Temple, Misty Knight, Dinah Madani, Karen Page... or a crossover in to the main line Marvel Cinematic Universe would be grand.

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