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Nov. 18th, 2017

[info]kingrust in [info]fandom_psls

I've been mainlining Westworld again and now I'm itching to do something fandom with a western slant. Maybe a Westworld derivative with fandom characters instead of Hosts, or a modern, zombpocalypse game set in a ghost town, effectively jamjar-ing things. I'm open to other ideas, too, and would love to find some folks with whom to kick this around. Comm or gpsl; I love psls, but they haven't been working for me lately.

Any takers?

[info]becauseimbatman in [info]fandom_psls

Lines for Bruce? Looking for Diana, Catwoman, or villainesses.

[info]aileia in [info]fandom_psls

Looking for HP or Sherlock! Primarily Severus Snape, Luna Lovegood, or Lily Evans, though I could probably be persuaded to play someone opposite of Severus or Luna, too. For Sherlock, I play John or Sherlock. Most interested in Johnlock, but could be persuaded to do others.

[info]azureheaven in [info]fandom_psls

Interested in writing strongest avenger with captain dork (Thor and Captain America). I can play either (with a preference for Cap) and would rather iron out the details together.

[info]rettop_subla in [info]fandom_psls

Harry Potter!

Calling Harry Potter for [info]reconsider. Preferably from around 2028, as I would LOVE to play with a next-Gen era Harry dealing with his sort-of-a-criminal middle child. Cursed Child has been largely ignored by the HP players in game, but everything else is canon. Comment here or at my OOC post if you want to chat!

(Would also love an Albus Dumbledore or Severus Snape from any era!)

[info]pkaren in [info]fandom_psls

Frank Castle for my Karen Page? I do have an idea or two kicking around, but I’d love to plot/brain storm - open to things being pre or post The Punisher. Journal only.

[info]bloodshedding in [info]fandom_psls

[info]thewalkabout Horizon: Zero Dawn castmates. Aloy and Avad, in particular, but anyone would be amazing.

[info]icalledshotgun in [info]fandom_psls

PETER PETTIGREW you are needed over at [info]icalledshotgun!

[info]handstotrust in [info]fandom_psls

Short and simple... any lines for Gale? We can bat around ideas if anyone is interested.

Nov. 17th, 2017

[info]jotunheir in [info]fandom_psls

Something for this brat on his (questionable) path of redemption? Strong preference for Thor or Sif. I have mostly pre-Ragnarok plot ideas, but am open to brainstorming others as well.

[info]wintermute in [info]fandom_psls

casual psls? fandom, cross fandom, fandom inspired. peeta, violet parr, quorra, ariadne, lirael, maybe rory williams to name a few i play. more details and a screened post in the journal. x-posted.

[info]northernlady in [info]fandom_psls

Jon, Tyrion, Harry, Willas, Petyr, or rarepairs for Sansa, please! We can figure out how to get pretty much anyone up in the North with her. :D

[info]dstormborn in [info]fandom_psls

Jaime, Daario, Jorah, or Rhaegar for lines. Active writer, het, plot w/smut.

[info]snack_hole in [info]fandom_psls

I know it just came out and all but... lines? Barry needs friends.

[info]iseethelight in [info]capseroo

Deborah Ann Woll, 1, 125 caps


1, 125 CAPS, PART 1 (575) AND PART 2 (550)

Time off means classic Marvel bingefest! I started with her because it was easier to bounce around her scenes, and because of [info]petrichor. More coming! (PS I love Karen Page.) There are some spoilers-ish in these, just in the sense of people she talks to and places she is. I don't think anything too mega but YMMV on that.


Just a reminder, that if you want to take part in secret Santa please go sign up over here. There are options for digital presents. So, if money is a worry, have no fear!

Oh, and bonus to Americans. If I get you, you'll get proper English tea and chocolate. If you like that sort of thing :)

Edited to Add: I'm extending the deadline to 8pm tonight.


Tagged three logs and went to dinner tonight, so probably a good thing Meaghan would've been too busy unpacking to go to the Montrose match this time. (Okay, and she was also grumpy about their loss still and doesn't want to see Montrose play.) She listened to it on the wireless while setting up her new room, though, because Quidditch.

Des is inordinately pleased with himself for this, because he managed to win back a former DOMGAS member from the clutches of the BIL, and what's more, she's intelligent! and capable! and of a reasonable age to be in charge of things! And honestly she's got to have great BIL connections and insight as to what's going on with the motion and what the BIL is actually capable of.

So what I'm saying is someone please pick her up I beg of you, look at that face, how can you resist, also Des is absolutely prepping her to be his replacement when he moves on to Scottish Affairs (and, to be fair, she's probably more qualified than him for the job anyway).

[info]rpms in [info]fandom_psls

richard harmon for a psl? fandom or pb, they're both going to have dark and adult themes.

Nov. 16th, 2017

[info]ohiocolumbus in [info]fandom_psls

Looking to play a war-torn Columbus from Zombieland against Ellie from The Last of Us. Very AU, playing fast and loose with timelines. Happy to share more ideas if there is any interest for this oddball pairing. Featuring: zombies! trust issues! bonding! and a very long list of rules.

[info]vyce in [info]fandom_psls

Currently seeking a Pokemon psl (here's some info) of story-driven smut. Check my IJ for the needed OOC info, and contact me there if interested (or if something else there interests you).

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